I am a contemporary abstract painter/textile artist living in North West UK in the beautiful landscape of Cumbria. I am inspired by the countryside around me and by my life experiences and I use stitch, collage, resin, inks, oil bars and acrylic paints. I work with collage, stitch, charcoal, acrylics and oil bars and am interested in layers, colour, mark making and texture. I use maps, dress making patterns and networks within my paintings and I will often recognise elements within my paintings when they are finished. Some paintings take months to resolve and go through a roller coaster ride of various stages where they are disliked before something ‘clicks’ and they come out the other side.




Solo Exhibition at The Brewery Arts Centre Kendal (28/02/17 – 22/04/17) – then at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival  – abstract paintings inspired by the Floods and the changes to the Cumbrian landscape

The feeling of shock and disbelief walking down by the river after the floods and seeing the debris left high in trees and the mixture of roots, large pieces of fencing, furniture and metal that ended up tangled in trees. Areas of riverbank which just disappeared overnight and trees that were ripped out of the ground. Even now, the grooves in the grass where tree trunks were dragged along are still visible and the new pebble beach is a lasting reminder of the floods.

The floods caused so much trauma to the people of Cumbria and even those not directly effected like myself, were shocked by the impact on people and the landscape around us. The weeks and months after the flood I documented my dog walks with sketches and photos of the aftermath; the debris in the trees, the uprooted trees and the river bank destruction – over time these developed into paintings.

The paintings are inspired by my experiences, sketches and photographs and involve an eclectic use of mixed media. Using acrylic paint and inks, I am never sure what the paintings will be when I start – they evolve and become a conversation between me and the painting. I have used materials from the floods, placed on the canvas and wet ink to produce some interesting marks to work with. I often use sewing patterns in my paintings, the arrows and symbols remind me of symbols and contours on maps , and I also found that the measurements reminded me of flood height recordings. Many of the paintings have layers of mark making and I enjoy rediscovering marks hidden underneath paint. I also use resin in some of my paintings which ‘captures’ a part of the painting and holds it while I work around it. Despite the subject matter, there is a surprising beauty to the paintings, some reminding me of the ariel views of the river from a drone, others of the riverbanks and trees.





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  1. I love your pictures and would like to try the workshop day at the Brewery but I would not call myself an artist! I love medieval illuminated manuscripts, could I do something around these and how? do we get to bring a finished item home with us?


    1. Hi Carol, the workshop will involve mark making techniques and experiments as a way of helping people to work in an abstract way, have fun with materials and throw ‘rules’ out of the window. You will leave with lots of samples which could be individual pieces of work or just experiments. Then you are free to use some of these techniques at home with the work and materials you are interested in. But it would be fine to bring along any materials that you normally use – inks, drawing materials, paints and papers to use in the workshop. Hope that helps!


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